3-D Information Technologies

3-D Information Technologies has been established in 1998 by fully Turkish capital, following the owners? experience at the abroad. 3-D Information Technologies has been presenting value added solutions under the strategy of the Merit Group since 1998. 3-D Information provides complete solutions with wide range of products to call centers, banks and stock brokers and insurance companies, both in public and private sector.

3-D Information knows the importance of technical support and services in the area of communication and information. The solutions provided by 3-D Information has been used by around 150 companies, most of is in the biggest 500 companies of Turkey. New companies are added to the customer list of 3-D Information as a result of the customer loyalty she creates. The professional and the expert team of 3-D Information have been organized to serve 24x7, all around Turkey.

nice inVision IEX 
Qmatic IPC

As 3-D Information, our mission is to enhance our services to high levels of quality by keeping on our leadership in the market, to keep the loyalty of our customers by means of the quality of the services and the products, to follow the new requirements and improvements in the world, to provide the right technologies to the companies by using our competitive edge of the solutions and the satisfaction we composed.

We will keep on working to increase the level of customer satisfaction, 

We will analyze our work processes regularly to increase the quality of service and to increase efficiency,

We will generate new solutions, especially to the call centers and the financial institutions upon the developments in the area of communication and information.

We will identify the new opportunities in the market and will expand the customer portfolio,

We will empower our group who is moving fast, customer oriented and solution in mind. 

We will keep on training our team to be innovative, confident and self decision making.

3-D Information Technologies Web Site:   www.3-d.com.tr


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